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SHARED Asic Miner

How does the Shared ASIC Miner works?

If you will buy for example 1/10 of an ASIC, you will own 1/10 of it's hashrate, 1/10 of it's revenue a you'll pay 1/10 of Energy & Fees for that ASIC. 
The rest 9/10 will be own by someone else.

Can I reach one whole ASIC in some time?

Yes, you can. For example if you buy 1/10 of an ASIC, than 1/10 and than 8/10, you will own 10/10 of an ASIC, that means you own one whole ASIC and you even have an option to take that ASIC from hosting and have it deliverd to you. 

If i purchase 1/10 of an ASIC Miner, can I sell it to someone if I want to?

Yes, you can. We are also preparing a function on our site specially for this.


How to change my wallet address? 

You can set your wallet address only when you are creating your account. If you want to change your wallet address after it was already set, you have to contact our support and they will change it for you after a few simple steps. This procedure is simply because of a safety reasons, so nobody else can change your address except you. 

When should I pay my Energy & Fees?

Energy works like subscription. For example you will prepay energy for a month. Every miner has individually their own daily usage of energy and cost fort that will be subtracted everyday from  your prepaid energy balance. You just have to check that your energy balance is not $0, if you will not have any Energy & Fees balance left, your miner will be automatically turned off.

Is 0,13 EUR the final price for the electricity and fees?

Yes, the price is final. All the fees are included in the electricity price.

How it works

When will be my miner installed? Do I pay some extra for electricity?

Your ASIC will be installed in few hours. You will pay for the electricity additionally

How much does the hosting itself cost?

The hosting if for FREE. All the fees are included in the electricity price.

Do you provide some insurance for ASIC miner service life?

Yes, we provide 3 YEARS insurance.

Can be mine Hosting ASIC Miner deliverd to my home?

Yes, we can send your miner to you with 3 month notice period.


Order FAQ

➖Can I buy from any country or region?

We accept purchases from most countries or regions, but the following countries or regions are not available for purchase due to logistics restrictions or local policies:Mainland China, Afghanistan, Burundi, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Niger, Somalia, Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, Sudan, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Iran, and North Korea.

➖What form of payment can I use to make a purchase?

We support offline USD transfers or digital currency payments online.

We do not accept credit card payments.

➖How long does the products take to ship after purchase?

About the products for pre-sale on April 15, confirmed orders during the pre-sale period need to be shipped within 8 weeks after the official opening of the sale. Confirmed orders after the official opening of the sale will be shipped 8 weeks after the order is placed.

➖Is there a delivery service?

We use third-party carriers to handle packages, such as DHL, UPS, etc.

➖How long is the shipping time?

Usually, we choose customs land transport for delivery service, and the time required varies depending on the destination.

If customers have faster timeframe requirements, we can choose air freight for faster delivery.

After placing your order, you are welcome to contact your chosen shipping company to resolve any problems you may encounter.

We will provide you with the necessary information at your request.

Is there a warranty on the products? How long is the warranty period?

There is a warranty. 24 months for the Miner and 24 months for the PSU.

➖What is the return/exchange policy?

All pre-sale orders are non-refundable. Please make sure you take your order seriously and know what you are ordering before you buy.

➖What is stock model of the miner?

Miner that we hold currently in the warehouse ready to be shipped. This miner will be shipped within 24 hours after payment is cleared. The client can pick up this miner personally as well.

➖What is delivery or production model?

Miners and products that are for production or delivery will be delivered and expedited to produced at defined time. There is also time specified on website when it the delivery or production batch. After this time products or miners will be delivered to the clients.

➖What is hosting model?

The miner would be immediately delivered to selected hosting facility. The miner is already on the way or is already located in hosting facility. You will get access to the miner to remotely control it and receive KASPA coins or Bitcoins from miner. We will host, maintain and service this miner. The hosting locations are next to the power stations using green source of energy. The profitability of miner in hosting is higher than miner for delivery or self hosted miner. You can decide to take miner from hosting to your location or to be delivered to your address anytime within 3 months notice period. 

➖What is difference between hosting model and delivery model?

In delivery model you take care and responsibility of the miner. In hosting model we take care of miner and service and maintenance. You pay small fee for electricity charges that include already service charges. This fee is usually cheaper than the fee for electricity at client's location. The miners in hosting model are more profitable and generate more kaspa coins or bitcoins than miners managed by clients

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