IceRiver KAS KS3 and KS3M User Guide

IceRiver KAS KS3 User Guide

1.       Product Overview

1.1   Appearance

*Indicator Description:


Machine Status

Indicator light status

Running Normally

D2 light blinks, D1, D3, D4 lights are off.

Fan Abnormality

D1, D3 lights blink, D2, D4lights are off.

Network Issues

D1, D2 lights blink, D3, D4 lights are off.

High-temperature Alarm

D2, D3 lights blink, D1, D4 lights are off.





Interface specification:

2.   Function

2.1   Start up

2.1.1   Precautions

  • Check whether there is physical interference causing damage to the machine and beware of electric
  • Please check if the cable connection is firm before powering on, and pay attention to the safety of
  • Keep the hash board and other parts away from water or exposed to
  • Please make sure the ambient temperature is between 0-35°
  • Please avoid covering the surface of the machine due to the high temperature of the machine surface during operation.
  • Do not place flammable and explosive substances around the machine during
  • Please make sure the humidity of the environment is below 90%.
  • Please keep the environment clean to prevent dust, hair, willow and other foreign objects from entering the machine and causing damage to the
  • Use a stable
  • The machine, hash board or board parts being crushed or burned due to improper environment is not covered by the
  • Customers should not disassemble the machine by themselves without permission from ICERIVER after-sales

2.1.2  Check before start up

Preliminary inspection of the miner before operation:


  • Check the appearance of the package for
  • Check the appearance of the machine for deformation and breakage. Also check the fan and
  • Check if there is any strange sound in the machine and observe if the heat sink is


*Note: Please do not disassemble the machine by yourself. The machine will not be covered by the warranty if the user disassembles the machine without permission.

2.1.3   Boot

Please connect the miner to the Ethernet first, and then plug in the power cord. Turn on the machine, during the boot process, the red and green indicator lights on both sides will remain steady. Wait until the L2 indicator light blinks (if it doesn't blink for more than 10 minutes, please check the network), and the L1, R1, R2 indicator lights all go off. This indicates that the miner has started successfully. 

If any problems with miner turn to your distributor


2.2   Access Machine

2.2.1   Obtain Machine IP

  1. Obtain the IP address of the machine through download and unzip the batch processing tool provided by our company (please refer to the official website to download:
  2. Click the [Detect IP] button and long press the machine's IP button for 1-2s after the pop-up window to get the machine

2.2.2   Access Machine

  1. Open your web browser (Chrome browser is recommended) and enter the machine's IP address in the address You will see the following interface.
  2. Use the default username "admin" and the default login password "12345678" to log in to the machine.

login page. Login: admin, password: 12345678

2.3   Language Switch

  1. Click [Language] in the upper right corner of the page to switch between Chinese or English.


2.4   Change Password

To protect your property security, please change the miner password after the first time you turn on the machine.

  1. Click [User Settings], enter the current password and the new password as shown below, and click the [Save]

  1. After the password change is completed, you need to log in again with the new

2.5   Configuring mining pools and wallets

2.5.1   Add

  1. Go to the [Mining Setting] page and find [Pool Configuration].
  2. You can configure three mining pools with the following reference example: Pool1:stratum+tcp://

  3. Wallet address                                                             Worker name

  4. The password is optional and can be set or not, it does not affect
  1. Click Save and a configuration success window will pop
  2. After successful configuration, click [Reboot] and wait for the machine to reboot (do not power off during the reboot process).
  3. The information on the home page shows that the pool is " connected ", which means the pool is successfully


*The default pool configuration is the configuration of our company when testing, please configure your own mining wallet address before you start mining, please do not use the default configuration.

*If pool 1 is not connected, the machine will automatically connect to pool 2. If pool 2 is not connected, the machine will automatically connect to pool 3.


  • If the configuration fails you can configure it again and restart

The following mining pools are known to be compatible, and will be continuously updated: KS0,1,2,3L compatible mining pools:

Humpool         PPLNS      stratum+tcp://

PPLNS      stratum+tcp://



Woolypooly Herominers K1pool


SOLO       stratum+tcp:// PPLNS           stratum+tcp:// SOLO       stratum+tcp:// PPLNS      stratum+tcp:// SOLO       stratum+tcp:// PPLNS      stratum+tcp:// SOLO           stratum+tcp://


Accpool         PPLNS      stratum+tcp:// F2pool       PPLNS                stratum+tcp://

Kryptex         PPLNS      stratum+tcp://

PPLNS      stratum+tcp://


PPLNS      stratum+tcp://


2miners         PPLNS      stratum+tcp://



KS3 compatible mining pools:

Humpool         PPLNS              stratum+tcp://

2miners         PPLNS      stratum+tcp://

Kaspa-pool      PPLNS      stratum+tcp:// F2pool        PPLNS                stratum+tcp://

PPLNS      stratum+tcp://


PPLNS      stratum+tcp://



  • The above mining pool information is the mining pool address we used for testing purposes. Before connecting to the mining pool, please log in to the respective mining pool's official website and check if the mining pool address has

2.5.2   Remove

  1. Clear the information in [Pool Configuration] and click [Save] to remove the mining pool.

2.5.3   Adjusting fan speed

  1. Find [Hardware Configuration] in [Mining Setting].
  2. Check [Fan Speed].
  3. Select the operating mode or manually adjust the fan speed (Note: After manually adjusting the fan speed, the automatic speed control function will be disabled, be cautious of high temperatures). After making the changes, click on "Save."


  • After powering on, the fan will operate at a low speed. Only after the self-check process, the fan will start running at full speed. The default fan speed is set to maximum. If the self-check detects any fan abnormalities, the mining process will not
  • The machine will stop mining in sleep

2.6   View Hashrate Chart

         Click [Home] to view the Hashrate Chart.


  • After 5 minutes of connecting to the pool, you can view the miner's hashrate and hashrate chart, the chart is updated every 5
  • Under Hash board, you can view the machine temperature and fan speed, which can monitor the working status of the machine in real


2.7   Network Settings

The factory default is DHCP mode, users can set the IP mode according to their needs. Set static IP:


  1. Click [IP Settings], select Static in [Protocol], fill in the IP information according to the user, and then click [Save]


  1. After saving the configuration, click [Reboot] and wait for the machine to reboot (do not power off during the reboot).

2.8   Firmware Upgrade

When the official website releases a new upgrade package, download it and upgrade it via Web.


  1. Click [Firmware Upgrade], select the official upgrade package and click [Upgrade].


  1. Wait for the pop-up window to show success and then click [Reboot] and wait for the machine to reboot (do not power off during the reboot process).


  1. After reboot, the firmware upgrade is finished


2.9   Factory Reset

When the machine has abnormal conditions, you can restore the factory settings through the Rest Button on the machine.


  1. Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds until the D3 and D4 lights start flashing After that, wait for the D3 and D4 lights to stop flashing and remain steady, indicating that the machine is in a reboot-ready state (Do not power off the machine during the reboot process).


  1. After the machine reboot, reconfigure the mining pool and wallet to resume

2.10        Shutdown/Reboot

2.10.1     Shutdown


  1. Turn off the machine via the miner power button.



2.10.2     Reboot


  1. Click [Reboot] in the bottom right corner of the home page, then click [OK] to confirm, then reboot the machine.


  • Note: do not power off the machine during the reboot

3   Common Faults and Solutions

3.1   Faults Solutions


3.1.1   Power Supply


  • Cannot be turned on the machine after connecting power and turning on the power button:


  1. Check whether the power connector is loose or off, and whether the power cord is inserted
  2. Verify that the power supply input voltage is within the specified operating voltage range (AC 180V - 285V).


3.1.2   Network


  • Network port light does not light up:


Check if the network port is plugged in.



3.1.3   Fan


  • The fan does not turn after power is applied:


  1. Check the appearance of the fan and whether the metal mesh is extruded and
  2. Check if the mining pool is successfully



3.1.4   High Temperature


  • Machine temperature is too high:


  1. Check that the machine is not covered
  2. Check if the machine is placed in an environment with air



3.1.5   Hashrate does not up to the target hashrate


  • Hashrate does not up to the target hashrate:


  1. Check whether the machine fan is working properly, if the fan speed is abnormal, it will cause the machine temperature is too high will trigger high temperature protection.
    1. Short-term hashrate fluctuations, please observe the 12-hour average


    • The difference between the Web hashrate and the mining pool hashrate is large: Check whether the network connection is normal.


3.1.1 Unable to enter the Web operation page


  • The browser displays 404 after entering the miner IP:


Reboot the machine and re-enter the Web operation page.




3.1.2 Miner power reduces to around 150W-200W


  • The miner's power will drop after the network abnormality, please check the indicator light blinking condition as well as check the network

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