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ICERIVER-KAS-KS0-20230916: Download

ICERIVER-KAS-KS1-20230916: Download

ICERIVER-KAS-KS2-20230916: Download

ICERIVER-KAS-KS3-20230916: Download

ICERIVER-KAS-KS3L-20230916: Download

ICERIVER-KAS-KS3M-20230916: Download

Updates Include:

  1. Enhanced Web Interface: Experience an improved user interface for a smoother interaction.

  2. Bug Fixes: Addressing known issues to enhance performance.

Important Guidelines:

  1. Model-Specific Upgrades: Ensure to apply firmware upgrades only to the designated machine model. Any consequences of incompatible firmware upgrades will be the customer's responsibility.

  2. Official Firmware Downloads: Only use firmware downloaded from our official website. Using firmware from unofficial sources is at the customer's own risk.

  3. Adhere to the User Manual: For successful firmware upgrades, carefully follow the instructions in our user manual.

  4. Gradual Upgrades for Multiple Machines: If upgrading several machines, start with one and assess its stability before upgrading others. This minimizes potential risks.

  5. Restoration in Case of Abnormalities: If abnormalities occur during the upgrade, revert the machine to its factory settings.

  6. Beta Version Disclaimer: This firmware is in beta testing. Report any post-upgrade issues promptly via our official website's support ticket system.

  7. Verification Before Upgrade: After downloading, unzip the firmware and verify the MD5 checksum. The correct file extension for the upgrade package is “.bgz.”

  8. No Need to Upgrade if Stable: If your machine is operating smoothly, upgrading to a new firmware version is not recommended.



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